Essential Signs for Slab Leak Detection by Plumber in Honolulu

Plumber in Honolulu

The plumber in Honolulu will help you with the slab leak detection in your area. It is crucial to find the slab leak as quickly as possible. There is no option for you to avoid the slab leak detection. Because it can create huge problems later if you don’t take steps early, you must find the signs of slab leak detection earlier according to Pineapple Plumbing – Honolulu. Let’s hear the steps to detect slab leak earlier:

Spots On the Floor

There may be spots like dried things on our floor. But if it is not something you can clean, then you can be sure if it is the spot of leaking water on your floor. Maybe the spot is hot. Then you have to understand that the hot water may create a leak under your floor. Hot waters have the quality of coming into a chemical reaction with the pipe and corroding the pipe. Whenever you find a hot spot on your floor, you can be sure there is a leak in the bathroom sink, valve, or shower slab. It will not create any harm in the initial stage. But the situation will get worse with time.

Sound Of Runny Water 

If you hear the sound of running water coming from your wall, it is the slab leak signs. To be more pacific, you may check it by closing all the sources of water taps in your house; even if you get the clear water running sound after completing your home’s fixtures, your slab leaks. There is another way to find out. As your taps of the house are closed, look at the pointer of the water meter. If it is running, it indicates another water source: the slab leak.

High Water Bills

You should be careful about your water bills if you know that you use the same water every month. But suddenly, the water bill is high, and it will attract your attention because it may signal a slab leak. You cannot see the leak of your slab with your eyes as they take place under your floor. To be aware, you should keep the water bill records to get ideas about your consuming water.

Movement In the Base

The leak of the slab can ultimately lead to the movement of the foundation and cracks in your building. Thus, water runs through the slabs and reaches the base of your structure. It decreases the durability of the concrete, and there happens settlement. Because of the settlement, there are cracks and movement. It makes the house unstable and its overall pressure. If there is an issue in the foundation, it may cause massive destruction. So, ask a professional to fix it immediately.

Low Water Pressure 

There are some reasons behind the water pressure of your house being low. It may be the damaged valve, dust in the water, water leakage, mineral build-up in the pipes, etc. After checking all of them, if you see that the water pressure is still low, the only reason can be a leak in the slab. You can check all the sources of water in your house. If their water pressure is okay, then the problem is in the slab. There is a leak on it.

Other Troubles in The House

The slab leak can cause many problems in your house except on the foundation. There will be cracks in the walls of your home and floors too, foul smell in the internal and external parts of your house, etc. Ask any plumber to find the reason, and they will solve it for your safety.

Ways To Find the Slab Leak

There are two methods to find out the slab leak under your house. One is the destructive process, and the other is the non-destructive process. You can run the destructive process by using the drillers and shovels. Tools like the electromagnetic pipe locators or amplifiers will help you conduct the non-destructive method. But if you go for the non-destructive tools, they will cost you much more money than the destructive devices.

You will have to consider your budget and the result you get from it. Of course, there is always the option to hire the experts. Here, you don’t have to buy tools as they have all kinds of tools in their collection. But you should go for someone who is a specialist to repair your slab leak damages.

Closing Remarks

The Oahu plumbing company will be able to repair your slab leak efficiently. Call on their number, and they will surely respond as they have to satisfy their clients as much as possible. Get the best result when you have a slab leak problem, and stay relaxed!

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